A new agency is on a mission to help journalists unlock their potential in todays ever-evolving news industry. Top News Talent (TNT) launched late 2021 by Ross Becker, Steve Kraycik and Beth Johnson. More on them in a moment.

What is TNT all about?

This statement from their website summarizes it nicely: 

“Our goal is to enhance your skills to the point you don’t need us much anymore. Sound a little different from the other agencies you’ve talked with? Good. That’s the goal.”

Also unorthodox, its pitch to tv talent: you don’t need an expensive agent to be successful. Just one that will advocate for you and push you to excel.

With an emphasis on affordable, personalized coaching, TNT aims to help journalists keep their passion for news alive in an age where the stresses of the industry are quickly driving even the most talented away. 

Who are the co-founders?

Ross Becker, a veteran in the newsroom, has 50 years of experience in broadcasting as a reporter, anchor, manager and station owner. He’s a 4x Emmy winner and has more than a dozen nominations among other accolades. He says he loves passing on his expertise to the next generation of storytellers.

Steve Kraycik is a producer turned top 20 market news director. All in all, he brings 35 years of broadcast experience to TNT. He has produced Super Bowls, a presidential inauguration, but among his proudest achievements are teaching journalism students at Penn State University, where he’s helped them win numerous awards, including 2 national college Emmys.

Beth Johnson is also no stranger to the news industry. A broadcast mentor to many, her website SurviveTVNewsJobs.com is more than a survival guide. It is a blueprint for journalists who want to thrive in their careers. Beth has worked in markets big and small and has about a decade of experience as an agent helping producers and news managers navigate their careers and find solutions in the day to day grind.

How are they different from other agencies?

Top News Talent says it wants to change how representation is done. These are three ways TNT is different from traditional agencies according to their website.

  1. You’re not locked into a long term contract (unless you want to be).

  2. They claim to charge ‘a bit less’ than their competitors to help you keep more of your money.

  3. They have more flexible options tailored to you. They don’t have to be your agent. They can just be your mentor or coach. They offer a variety of other services as well to help you grow in your craft.

Top News Talent also provides training and coaching at the corporate level to newsrooms and station groups.

You can find more information on their website > https://topnewstalent.com/



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