First of all – a thank you to those of you who’ve shared honest reviews on this platform. It is greatly appreciated and I continuously get feedback on how helpful and long overdue this site is for so many. Your reviews will ALWAYS be anonymous. 

Now to the latest rankings. Here are the top 3 highest rated agents/agencies on our platform as of the end of March 2021.

1. CBK Management (OVERALL RATING: 5 OUT OF 5)

This agency, and CJ Kane, in particular is currently the hottest rated agent on He hangs on to the number 1 spot from February with additional reviewers only continuing to praise his services. Out of now seven reviews, he has received 5 stars with each client. From what we gather from reviewers, CJ is a superb communicator and won’t leave you hanging when you need him most. He also cuts your reel and prepares you for interviews. Reviewers spoke highly of his coaching and say he looks out for your best interests.

Honestly, it’s hard to boast about something so good because you secretly want to keep it for yourself and not let others in on the best agent. He is professional and respectful… added to that, he’s in your corner from the beginning, middle and end.” – Meteorologist

“CJ has your back always”  – Anchor/Reporter

2. No Whining Talent (OVERALL RATING: 4.8 OUT OF 5)

No Whining Talent remains a solid choice for those who don’t mind a large agency with a lot of clients. David Christopher now has the most reviews for this agency. Clients rave about how much he cares to see you grow and succeed, even offering weekly coaching. From what we gather, he’s a great person and someone worth having in your corner.

“This dude is the real deal….highly recommend” – Anchor

“Tremendous person!” – Correspondent

3. Hart Talent Management (OVERALL RATING: 4.6 OUT OF 5)

Hart Talent Management is the smallest agency of the top 3, but still a force for their clients with talent from local to network. Reviewers seem to value the experience of the agents, their availability and believe having their representation is an asset to their careers.

“Joe has been a pleasure to work with.” – Meteorologist

“ Liz has decades of experience in the industry, she’s a tough negotiator.” – Anchor