There’s been an influx of new reviews in recent weeks so it’s a good time to provide an updated list of the highest rated agents on The platform now has 65+ reviews and 23 agents rated. We continue to strive to be the go-to resource for helpful and insightful information that helps journalists find, research and hire agents with confidence.

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Alright, now to the 3 highest rated agents/agencies as of June 2021 based on volume and consistency.

  1. Adams Broadcast Consulting (OVERALL RATING: 4.9 OUT OF 5)

Adams Broadcast Consulting is one of the hottest agencies out there right now, with more 5 star reviews than any other agency on A near perfect score among their clients, and when you read the reviews, it’s no surprise people are swarming the site with praise for Dana. People seem to love her honesty, her coaching and the individual attention they receive. Reviewers also say she’s an excellent communicator, strong negotiator and her agency will create your reel, saving you time when job hunting. Dana is a former TV reporter and network correspondent. Her husband Mark also brings a wealth of broadcast experience at the local and network level to their boutique, full service agency. Based on what their clients are saying, we gather both Dana and Mark have the experience and connections to help propel your career far.


“I’ve been in the business for about 7 years, and I have yet to hear of an agent who fights for their clients like Dana Adams. She has been one of the greatest blessings in my life both professionally and personally….She also has contacts in markets all over, including network. Couldn’t imagine navigating this course without Dana. She is truly the best. I’d walk through fire for her any day. And she would do the same for you.” -Anchor/Reporter

I’ve been working with Dana and Mark for a little over a year now, and talk about having someone in your corner!…They truly make an incredible team.” -Anchor


2. CBK Management (OVERALL RATING: 5 OUT OF 5)

CJ Kane remains a leading agent for TV talent, polling a perfect 5 stars out of 8 clients. He has reviews from anchors, reporters, meteorologists, even a host raving about the steller, professional individual he is and the value he brings. Of note, his clients emphasize he’s a superb communicator and coach. He’ll cut your reel and prepare you for interviews. Based on what clients are saying, he’s more than just an agent – he’s on YOUR team. 


Honestly, it’s hard to boast about something so good because you secretly want to keep it for yourself and not let others in on the best agent. He is professional and respectful… added to that, he’s in your corner from the beginning, middle and end.” – Meteorologist

“I’m so grateful to have him and I’m proud to call him a friend”  – Reporter


3. No Whining Talent (OVERALL RATING: 4.8 OUT OF 5)

No Whining Talent remains a solid choice for those who don’t mind a larger, but well-respected agency with a lot of clients. David Christopher has the most reviews for this agency. Clients rave about how much he cares to see you grow and succeed, even offering weekly coaching.  From what we gather, he’s a great negotiator, tremendous person and someone worth having in your corner.


“This dude is the real deal….highly recommend” – Anchor

“Tremendous person!” – Correspondent



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