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Steve Swienckowski

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I'd give no stars if it were an option. I signed on with SteveDCA almost 3 years ago….he has done nothing for me since then except negotiate my contract 3 yrs. ago. If you don't cancel your contract with Steve at a certain date, you're stuck, paying him a portion of your salary and overtime for doing absolutely NOTHING!!! And then he'll threaten you by saying he posts clients' payment info on his management only website… DO NOT SIGN WITH DCA, UNLESS YOU WANT TO THROW YOUR HARD EARNED SALARY AWAY!!!

Steve Swienckowski

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I've been with Steve from DCA Talent for nine years. I have found him to be easy to work with and I have enjoyed great success in getting my work seen along with interviews. Any time we put a reel together to look, I receive a bite and a phone interview within the first week of sending out material. He isn't as flashy as some of the other agents and agencies, but he puts the reel together and gets the work done. He sends texts and e-mails to every place your material is going to and he usually knows how much the job will pay before you even talk to the station. His rates are reasonable and much lower than most. Steve's rates go down after each contract you sign IF you stay at your current shop. He is short on the phone, but he does not BS you like most of the agents from the glamour agencies. I highly recommend Steve.

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