Laura McDonald

Agent Profile
I had high expectations about signing with Laura McDonald at Gersh Agency. Initially, she seemed focused and ambitious about helping me find TV opportunities. But I quickly learned that Laura was more interested in participating in her own fitness competitions than she was overseeing the careers of her clients. Early into our working relationship, she set up a round of pitch meetings that went well. However, twice after that she was supposed to set up talent meetings for me, both times she dropped the ball and forgot, blamed me for not reminding her despite the fact that I did—and even after I had spent money to travel to the cities for the meetings. Despite her having the dates for the last trip two months in advance, she still failed to set up a single meeting for me, only for me to find out from another one of her clients that she had traveled to Australian to compete in a fitness competition. I think she should be a trainer on Peloton, not a talent agency. I left after nine months and her former assistant called me afterwards and apologized. She shared that my experience mirrored so many others, but since she personally liked me, she wanted me to know it wasn’t me – Laura was consistent in being an absentee agent with a lot of her clients.
- Host

Paul Brewer

Agent Profile
Old school approach. The landscape of this business has changed drastically. Put a pandemic on top of that and you most definitely can’t do a new thing with old ways. Limited reach regarding larger market connections.
- Anchor

Rick Carr

Agent Profile
I worked with Rick before I worked with a traditional agent. This guy is great! He is an honest and hard-working guy and is as fair as can be. I actually had him look over my agent contract as well. I highly recommend him and still use his services occasionally.
- Meteorologist