1. There are more agents now than there ever have been in the TV News business. Dozens of agencies and more than 100 agents represent TV broadcast talent now, and new agents are popping up all the time.
  2. There is no official credentialing required to be an agent. This means there are basically no checks and balances outside of Rate My Talent Agent keeping agents accountable.
  3. Agent commission varies and is often negotiable based on a variety of factors such as who finds the job, years with the agent, market size, if they’re just handling your negotiations, etc. That’s why often times, you don’t see this information posted on their website. 
  4. Many agents do a lot more than finding their clients jobs. They may also cut your reel, provide coaching, legal counsel, connect you with job opportunities you maybe didn’t know existed, negotiate your contract, salary, and are a personal consultant.
  5. Most agents want to make sure the talent is a good fit for them as well. They want self-motivated, highly- skilled and hard-working journalists that will make them look good too.
  6. Some agencies are more selective than others. This can be a clue as to the caliber of talent they represent.
  7. Agencies come in all sizes. Boutique agencies can be great for more personalized attention and more focused professional development. With larger agencies, communication may vary more. However, more established agencies tend to have bigger name clientele.
  8. Based on your circumstance and individual goals, you may not need an agent. That’s ok too. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



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